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Filter substratum channel DRAINFIX®CLEAN

Effective and ecological rain water treatment through filter substratum channel

Filter substratum channel DRAINFIX CLEAN
FASERFIX SUPER Channels made of fibre reinforce concrete, according to DIN V 19580 / EN 1433, CE-conform with safety joint, angle housings made of galvanised or stainless steel
Ductile iron grating up to load class F 900 according to EN 1433, different grating versions, spherodial ductile iron on request KTL-coated
Filter substratum with carbon, good filter performance, holds back fine particles (0.006 bis 0.060 mm); cleaning perfromance is corresponding to a 30 cm unsaturated ground zones
Drainage pipe made of highly stable PE-HD, different nominal sizes, wrapped with geotextile
proofed cleaned water, usable for infiltration according the guidelines of DWA for underground infiltration ditches

Filter substrate channel system that can be used in all applications but especially in densley built ares.

The DRAINFIX CLEAN system is an intelligent solution for the draining, collection and treatment at source of storm water runoffs. The system comprises of heavy duty FASERFIX SUPER channels complete with ductile iron grates; load classes D400 to F900. Each channel contains a carbon rich substrate filter through which the cleansing of the storm water runoff occurs; pollutants such as zinc, copper, lead and fuel hydrocarbons as well as fine particles are trapped within the substrate material. The channels also offer large retention capacities that allow the system to handle high volumes of water.

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